In der Diagnostik ist die Neuroradiologie mit ihren bildgeberischen Möglichkeiten unentbehrlich, um eine zeitgemässe neurologische Beurteilung durchführen zu können. 

Peter Sandor, Baden, Neurologie

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Core Curriculum Head and Neck Imaging

23. März 2019 + 6. April 2019
Inselspital Bern

Head and Neck Imaging: Basics, Pearls and Pitfalls

This new two-day event provides participants with an opportunity to gain experience in diagnosing a broad range of pathologies in the speciality of head and neck radiology. It will consist of informative lectures and interactive sessions designed to familiarise delegates with imaging appearance of head and neck disorders. The presentations will include a wide variety of interesting cases, and reporting tips and imaging pitfalls.

Course Goals: At the end of the course participants will 1. have a comprehensive understanding of head and neck radiological anatomy; 2. become familiar with imaging appearances of ENT and skull base disorders; 3. develop a systematic approach to interpretation of head and neck scans and 4. improve confidence in reporting head and neck scans.

The course is designed for radiologists and radiology trainees who require further proficiency in head and neck radiology; ENT and oral surgeons as well as neurosurgeons who strive to enhance their radiological skills are also welcome.

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